Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Click the Eligibility and Release option in the main menu.

No. Submissions must be originals only

Artists may submit one song.

NO. Song submissions cannot have been previously commercially released (such as via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify or any other similar DSP). However, if the song has only been released or shared promotionally (such as via SoundCloud, Faceboook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.), then the song may be submitted, provided that if you are ultimately selected as a participant then you will be required to remove all versions of the song, or take down any posts containing the song, at that time.

Yes, but your record company may need to approve if you are selected as a participant.

Yes, but your publishing may need to grant the right to use your song in the program if you are selected as a participant.


If the song(s) you submitted have multiple songwriters/producers, all names and contact information must be listed on your application, along with ownership splits. All owners and writers will be required to grant the rights needed to produce and promote the show if the song is selected.



Yes. Unless you apply as a duo, trio, or group co-writers are not required to appear on the show. However, all co-writers will be required to grant the rights needed to produce and promote the show if the song is selected.

Yes. Co-writers name must be listed on application and will be required to grant the rights needed to produce and promote the show if the song is selected.

Yes. Co-writers names must be listed on application and will be required to grant the rights needed to produce and promote the show if the songs is selected.

Yes. Remember to list all co-writer information on your application.

Yes, as long as they agree to grant the necessary rights in the song.

Yes. You will need to find a singer or band to perform your song on the show.

Fully produced songs are preferred, but demo material is fine.

Yes, provided the production company approves and grants the necessary rights.

Yes, as long as your administrator grants the necessary rights.

In order to submit, you must be at least sixteen (16) years of age by the date on which you apply.

Please see item 2 in the Eligibility Requirements & Releases

Yes. If you are citizen of American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands you are eligible . Please review eligibility requirements.

No. You must be a US citizen or resident of US Territory in order to apply

If you are auditioning as a duo or trio, make ONE Artist account.

We won’t be traveling to Open Call Cities. All submissions for American Song Contest will be done online and through video submissions.

No. One video submission per season is all that is needed!


You can't upload your video submission to your Artist Account; we only accept links to view or download your video submission. There are many free platforms that allow you to share files or publish your video; you can upload your video to one of these platforms and copy/paste a shareable link/url into your Artist Account. Please make sure your link does not require a password to access (private links are ok). (Examples of popular free platforms are YouTube, Vimeo and WeTransfer).

If selected for the next round, a member of the American Song Contest team will contact you.

No. We are currently only accepting video submissions online. You can also participate in one of our Virtual Open Call auditions.

Either way will work.

You will have up to 5:00 (5 minutes) to perform your song.

No. One submission is all we need.

Yes. Be sure to have everything set up and ready to go before recording your submission. All materials submitted must be original, or approved for use by all owners.

Yes. Your parent or legal guardian MUST electronically sign the consent form in your Artist Account and you must be at least 16 years old on date of application.

Yes. But one submission is preferred.

You can use any computer or smart device equipped with a camera and microphone.

We suggest using Google's Chrome or Apple's Safari web browsers for the best experience; also make sure your web browser app has all the most recent updates installed.

Your device will likely request access to allow your browser to use your camera and microphone when beginning your audition - if you receive this prompt, click/tap "Allow".

If you can't login to your Artist Account, go to the main login page to reset your password or contact

Make sure you check the junk or spam folders in your email account. You can also search your email box for the subject line \Confirm Your Artist Account". If you still cannot find your confirmation email"

When you log into your Artist Account, click/tap the title of the document you would like to review and it will expand to reveal the agreement as well as the electronically signed name you provided when you agreed. You can also download a copy of all the legal documents at the links below:

NO. You must follow the guidelines on on how to submit an OFFICIAL Video Submission for the American Song Contest team.

July 31st, 2021

How To Audition

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